Weybourne Community Church

Serving Jesus in the Community

Philip and Pauline Bateman

Phiip BatemanPauline BatemanPhilip and Pauline are both Assembly of God Ministers from the UK.  They are both qualified teachers and have taught in schools, colleges and prisons.  They have planted and pastored churches in England and abroad and now have an itinerant ministry. 

Philip has a BA and Diploma in Theology and has a background as a Production Engineer and a school teacher as well as a Pastor.   

Pauline has an MA, she was a senior manager of Adult Learning in local government and is now an educational consultant and trainer, as well as a minister.   

They were converted and baptised in the Spirit in their teens and have five grown up children. 

They enjoy ministering together as a team but also minister separately.  They have travelled all over the world and in their meetings many people are saved, healed, baptised in the Holy Spirit, receive a word from God, or experience a new anointing.

Read more about them and their ministry on www.bibleministry.co.uk