Weybourne Community Church

Serving Jesus in the Community

Into His Presence

Theme 2018

Into His Presence


Theme: Holiness

Mountain: Mountain of the Lord’s holiness

Key verse: Psalm 15:1-5

Topics: Intimacy with God and Jesus, God’s love, Spiritual hunger and thirst, a passion to know Him, fellowship with Jesus.


Theme: The Word of God

Mountain: Mount Zion

Key verse: Isaiah 2:2-3

Topics: A lamp and a light, God’s word at work, faithful to the Word, a love for God’s Word, the good news, the power of the Gospel.


Theme: Your inheritance and Identity in Christ

Mountain: The mountain of the Lord’s inheritance in the promised land

Key verse: Exodus 15:17-18

Topics: Your true Identity, the wellspring of spiritual blessings, the gift of grace, the good things in life, the great provider.


Theme: Praise, Worship and meditation

Mountain: Mount Moriah where Abraham went to worship

Key verse: Genesis22:1-14

Topics: approaching God, personal intimacy, communion with God, requirements for praise.


Theme: Temptation

Mountain: Mountain of temptation where Jesus was tempted

Key verse: Matthew 4:1-11

Topics: a winnable war, who you are in Christ, the new you, accusations of the enemy.


Theme: Faith

Mountain: Mountains removed by faith

Key verse: Matthew 17:20

Topics: Mustard seed faith, childlike faith, fear and faith, an anxious Spirit, give it to God, trusting God.


Theme: Spiritual Warfare

Mountain: Mount Carmel

Key verse: 1 kings 18

Topics: The real war, the armour of God, shattering stongholds.


Theme: Prayer

Mountain: Mountain where Jesus prayed

Key verse: Matthew 14:23; Luke 6:12

Topics: Pray without ceasing, priority of prayer, bearing burdens, seeking God, praying for others, value of prayer.


Theme: Relationships with God and others

Mountain: Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus taught

Key verse: Matthew 5:1-10

Topics: Life to the full, godly friendships, forgiveness, resolving disagreements, encouraging others.


Theme: Revelation, knowing God’s voice

Mountain: Mount Horeb

Key verse: 1 Kings 19:11-18

Topics: On the mountain with Jesus, the will of God, hearing tests, asking for help, your way or God’s way.


Theme: Adversity

Mountain: Mount Horeb

Key verse: Joshua 14:6-14

Topics: through troubled waters, the storms of life, the dedication of your life.


Theme: Hope and promise

Mountain: Mountain of ascension

Key verse: Matthew 28:16-17; Acts 1:7-11

Topics: A message of hope, the hope of his return, take it to the cross.