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Craft Club

Craft Club

....2020 sees the CRAFT evenings at Mill Stream GU9 9HT continuing on the last Monday in the month (mostly) at 7.30pm, with the usual mix of options for creating your own unique styles.....

If  you are hoping to come to the meetings, if you could  please email Emma, - (just the word YES will do!!) as she and Barbara arrange the materials for each event, and it is helpful for them as they plan the activities. You will definitely need to book for the lace tutorials, starting in February.

The evenings are free, and both materials and refreshments are provided. We would request a donation if you can, and there will be a silver-covered box on the table next to the signing-in book at the entrance.

Printable leaflet

We look forward to seeing you!


Happy Crafting

Millstream location

For more details please email: Craft at Weybourne