Weybourne Community Church

Serving Jesus in the Community

COVID Precautions

Sunday Services – September 2021 Onwards

As we return to meeting physically after 18 months of online services, there are a number of changes from when we last met physically. This document sets out some of the changes and how we will be structuring both the service and location.

Format – Physical and Online

Services timing will revert to pre-Covid i.e. 10:30am – 12 noon.

Services will have a Zoom link available for anyone unable to attend or who simply wishes to join in a “streaming” capacity.

Note: This will be a different Zoom code than previous. The meeting ID is 815 3769 6020. The link is


Covid Precautions

Although we are allowed to meet physically, please take sensible precautions for yourself and others as regards Covid.

• If you feel unwell, or have Covid, please do not attend and take a lateral flow test (or similar) to check if you have Covid.

• Although not compulsory, masks can be worn if you wish to.

• Although there are no social distancing regulations, please respect others preferences. Some people may still wish to keep a few feet apart, including seating.

• Communion will be taken using individual glasses for the wine/juice and bread/crackers will be available in individual portions.

• We will review whether or not refreshments will be provided after the service. Initially please feel free to bring your own drinks if you wish.

• Hand sanitiser will be available