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Laurent lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, near the border with Rwanda. He is the pastor of a church, and attended the 'Million Leader Mandate' training course in Kigali, Rwanda, which ran for 3 weeks over 3 years (2010-2012). On the latter two courses Jo Napper went as one of the trainers and met Laurent there.

Following the MLM course Laurent felt led in 2013 to challenge himself and the local churches to establish a farming co-operative run by local churches in Walikale, to grow and sell farm produce. The overall aim is combat poverty and improve the financial situation for local pastors and churches.

People in Weybourne Community Church together gave a substantial gift to enable Laurent and his team to buy seeds and tools and hire the fields and equipment to start this initiative.

In 2014, following another MLM course run locally by Laurent, another farming co-operative in Masisi/Loashi was set up on the same basis, again with the assistance of people in WBC.

In spite of transport difficulties, and personal hardships, the ventures have started producing crops. And there may be further opportunities and needs as these develop and expand.

Laurents Church and Team

The Tractor for Ploughing Rough Ground

Preparing the Ground for Planting

Amongst the Harvest

Field of lovely cabbages